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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

நாளொரு பக்கம் 22

நாளொரு பக்கம் 22

Wednesday ,the 18th March 2015

वदनं प्रसादसदनं सदयं हृदयं सुधामुचो वाचः ।
करणं परोपकरणं येषां केषां न ते वन्द्याः ॥
Who will not honor such a person - 

who keeps a smile on his face always, 

has compassion in his heart, 

whose speech is controlled, and 

always helps others.

A smile cheers up, compassion is a Divine attribute for the mortals to learn and practice and the speech under control will utter only the Subhashitham.

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